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EV Chargers Certified by Master

Electricians and Energy Star®.


Three Things to Know Before You Buy

  • Hardwired or Plug-in?

    Hardwired chargers offer the highest reliability and less visible cords. Plug-in chargers offer portability, but you are limited to a 32 or 40 Amp charger.

  • Adjustable or Fixed Amps?

    Adjustable Amp chargers are preferred because they can be adjusted to deliver 16 Amps to 48 Amps of power based on your home’s electrical capacity.

  • Charging Speed?

    Higher Amps equals faster charging. Talk to an electrician to verify your home’s electrical capacity or buy an adjustable charger for flexibility.

Rigorously Tested EV Chargers

  • Master Electrician Certified

    Master Electricians have installed, tested, and certified each EV charger model that we sell for reliability, safety, and quality.

  • UL Listed

    All chargers were tested and met Underwriters Laboratories’ strict standards for safety, fire resistance, performance, and electrical hazards.

  • Energy Star Certified

    We only sell EV chargers that were safety certified and proven to use at least 40% less energy in standby mode by the DOE and EPA.

Need your EV Charger Installed?

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Save with Local Incentives

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